The Lava Trolley: There you go!!!!

The Lava Trolley

Or is it the lavatory???

...Either case, this little nook on blogasphere is the natural dumping ground for the sort of crap that erupts
when you find a wee Chink in the Britworks...

But hey, I promise you this is steamingly hot shit...which is probably why it's all looking a bit brown!


03 May 2005

There you go!!!!


New pics for my portfolio from one of my recent shoots (by Photographer Elizabeth Preston) as promised...This one's my fave out of the lot...

Got more sessions lined up with other photographers, but been ill lately...had a really bad cold.

...I've mainly been trying to catch up on work, and have finally completed that dissertation (an hour late!!!! Oops!). Anyhow, off to do more stuff again...busy busy busy!!!


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