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27 May 2005

Down the Cat-tle-Walk...


Well, it looks like the Boho look is back...again...Or perhaps they should try to disguise the fact that they've run out of ideas by re-packaging it with a new name, and calling it the Bovine look...

Aaaah...But girls, that's a GOOD thing...You see, this means you don't have to buy anything new from the shops, or even attempt to re-vamp your style, since you can still stick to everything from LAST year's wardrobe...Hey! You don't even need to seek any inspiration or try to be cutting-edge in any way...Being original is OUT, and is sooo passé! All you need to do this season, is play a game of follow-the-leader (even when the big names are pretty clueless themselves)...just like everybody around you! MOOOOO!!!

Oh, but how remiss of me to have forgotten this one thing...You might of course want to get that same skirt in a DIFFERENT colour...WOW!!!

Apparently, green is the new pink! YAY!

Geez...Image hosted by

...This is why I want to invest in a sewing machine...



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