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29 May 2005



I was going to post something serious about ID Cards, but then got side-tracked by this new band I've found on the web...
(Yes, I'm easily distracted! Image hosted by )

I can't quite remember how I got to their website, but I reckon I must've clicked on some link by accident...

I'm glad I did though!!!

Most Indie/Alternative bands/musicians usually try too hard and end up sounding too contrived...or attempt to make up for lack of talent by substituting it with a weird streak in their musical technique, under the mistaken impression that simply being 'different' would somehow compensate...Few bands ever manage to get away with 'weird' or 'offbeat', let alone pulling it off with aplomb...Cibo Matto, Bjork and Flaming Lips are amongst the few who have succeeded...

AudioTraffic is completely unpretentious...that much is obvious from their interview with

"I think the whole time we just…crossed our fingers and do what we do!"
I had a listen to their debut Way Too Long, which can be downloaded from their site, and was pleasantly surprised by what came resonating out of my speakers...These days, I class what I hear into two categories...Badly put-together (especially irritating) soundwaves would come under the umbrella of 'Noise', whereas 'Music' would comprise of well-organised, original and harmonious audio vibrations...worthy of air-time.

...AudioTraffic's album belongs to the latter group...


Proper stuff!

And I must say, the jazzy strains at the end of Way Too Long was a nice touch.

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